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Association Leadership

2024 Pocono Builders Association Officers


Don Hannig
Spread Eagle Development

Jim Mathiesen
Vice President
Mathiesen Landscapes, LLC

Eric Mesko
2nd Vice President
Mesko Glass Company

Jim Wilson
Wilson Engineering

Marisol Lopez
Peoples Security Bank

Joe Holbert
Past President
R.W. Buff Construction


2024 Directors

Troy Nauman
Nauman Companies

Bob Brown
RGB Custom Home Builders

Dale Butz
Stroud TV & Appliances

Robert Buff
R.W. Buff, Inc.

Greg Angeli
Monroe County Career Technical Institution

Robert K. Ace
Robert K. Ace Construction

Will DeMarco
Xavier Landscapes & Designs

Steve Grober
84 Lumber

Lois Gilroy
Gilroy Northeast, Inc.

Angelo Borzio
GAK Construction.

Amanda Haab
ESSA Bank & Trust

Pennsylvania BA Directors

Angelo Borzio
GAK Construction

Robert Buff
R.W. Buff, Inc.


Pennsylvania BA Life Directors

John Holahan
Liberty Homes Custom Builders

Don Hannig
Spread Eagle Development Corp.

Peter Gallagher
Office of the PA State Constable, Pocono Twp.

Bob Brown
RGB Custom Home Builders


National Association of Home Builders Directors

Don Hannig
Spread Eagle Development Corp.

Troy Nauman
Nauman Companies

Director Emeritus
Charles Hannig
Spread Eagle Development Corp.

Pete Gallagher
Office of the PA State Constable, Pocono Twp.

Executive Director
Joan Molloy

Contractor Quality Commitment Performance Standard Program

The Pocono Builders Association Contractor Quality Commitment Program was formulated in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Builders Association Guidelines. The program is designed to provide positive support to the construction industry. The program provides for two (2) phases: First, to establish criteria for members under the CQC program and develop and enforce standards of excellence for reputable contractors. Second: to educate the general public as to the benefits of receiving services from reputable contractors. The Pocono Builders Association has developed a CQC program that identifies acceptable levels of industry professionalism, a procedure for new and existing members and provides a method for handling customer complaints.

Contractor Quality Performance Standards

  • I agree to meet or exceed the standards established in the International Residential Code for one and two family dwellings (IRC) the Pennsylvania Unified Code.
  • I agree to provide a One-year Warranty that would be compatible to the standards that have been established be the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for warranty companies.
  • I agree to abide be the findings of the Quality Review Committee or other established committee and promptly respond to and rectify defects defined be: 1) IRC 2) NAHB warranty guidelines for work or products supplied be the contractor.
  • I agree to use written contracts and change orders and describe all prices and specifications accurately and honestly.
  • I agree to use only materials equal to or exceeding the quality of those specified in the contract.
  • I agree to maintain a credit rating in accordance with the local Association's established By-laws as it relates to creditors, suppliers and subcontractors, and which conforms to the generally recognized accepted practices within the industry.
  • Contractor agrees to abide by all local and state laws.
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